An Excursion to Indian Embroidery

India is a country with varied people and culture. The rich Indian heritage and culture is what is admired most about it. It has managed to make a mark in every sector, specifically art, culture and creativity. The Indian artists or karigars are one of their kinds and honed in their skills that they have been practicing from generations.

In India, it is said that language changes at every mile and so does the culture. Well, this is about a craft that has been mastered by Indian karigars and is known for its own charm, namely Embroidery. Let Ahadiya brief you about this beautiful art of decoration of fabric.

Embroidery is a craft of embellishment of fabric by the use of needle and thread. In simple language, these are different types of stitches that together form beautiful patterns and are sometimes enhanced with the use of pearls, mirrors, etc. Indian embroidery has been a tradition and a name entreated with. It dates as far back as the 3rd Century BC when Indian muslin clothes were praised by Greeks.

Ahadiya is constantly working to elevate Indian art of traditional embroidery. Traditional Indian embroidery varies from region to region and from culture and clothing style. The rhythmic dots and stitches, the adorning shapes and permutations that compose breathtaking designs. At Ahadiya clothing you will find a variety of Indian embroideries like chickankari, zari, phulkari, etc.

Hmm.. wondering about what that is? don’t worry, Ahadiya got you covered. We will walk you through traditional Indian embroideries.