Bagh Hand Block Print

Bagh print is a traditional and ancient hand block print of India that hails from the geometrical ‘heart of India’ and known for its cultural and spiritual heritage, Madhya Pradesh. The print gets its name from the village Bagh situated at the banks of river Bagh in Madhya Pradesh. The motifs used to form the repetitive pattern to create mesmerizing design are mostly geometrical and floral.

Ahadiya is trying to carve a niche by uplifting Indian traditional prints which are being passed from generation to generation by the artisans of India. The printing process of the Bagh print is quite a technical one. It all starts with removing starch from the fabric and dying it in an off white color. Then comes the print. The wooden blocks are hand crafted for the purpose and finally the excess dye is removed and the fabric is fixed and finished.

Seems like a task that needs honed skills. Ahadiya and the artisans at Ahadiya work tirelessly to bring this beautiful print to life. The recurring design is fit for every attire along with the trust of Ahadiya’s pure organic cotton fabric.

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