Chhaap: A Traditional Art to Adore

Wondering what chhap means! Won’t leave you hanging. Chhaap means print. Ahadiya clothings’ one of the axioms is adoring, elevating and presenting traditional art with an added elegant style. Today you will get to know a beautiful art of hand block printing practiced for years by Indian craftsmen and now at Ahadiya.

Hand block printing is a century old traditional art form popular in India, China, and many other East Asian countries. In India, the art has been passed on from generation specifically by the chippa community that was originally located in Bagru Village in Rajasthan, an area now famous for its vegetable dye and mud resist (dabu) block prints. It leaves you in awe how a single piece of cloth is made harmoniously by the block makers, Dhobis(launderer), Rangrez (dyer) and Chippa (printers). And ahadiya gives these skilled craftsmen a platform to showcase their talent.

Now you know, the term Chippa means printers.

The blocks are meticulously carved from seasoned teak by highly trained craftsmen. They etch a pattern onto the wood for the woodcarver to create a stamp. The designs range from floral carvings, religious carvings, rhythmic lines etc. The outline block or 'rekh', is the most intricate and usually stamped first; it is typically the outline for a floral or lattice type design.

Then comes dyeing. Ahadiya uses natural organic plant based dyes which are vibrant and safe. The colors are then poured into wooden trays and the carved wood is dipped in the color each time, then stamped onto the fabric to form the recurrent pattern.

It’s a slow and steady process. The handcrafted wooden blocks stamped on the fabric to form mesmerising patterns that are then used to create gorgeous clothings for you.

Join ahadiya in this beautiful journey of keeping traditions alive as they are a proof of the rich heritage culture of India.