Indian embroidery: a gateway to rich Indian culture and heritage

India was also known as Sonchidayia, meaning a golden bird because it was rich in gold and the rest is history. I know the title talks about embroidery and so am I! Zari is an Indian Embroidery that uses thread made of gold. The word Zardosi has its roots from Persian words for gold (zari) and embroidery (dosi).

Zari is known as an ancient and traditional handicraft. It was a grandeur and introduced by Elite and courtly classes in India. Zari is sometimes embellished with stones, pearls, gold beads etc. Zari is a gradual embroidery which needs time as well as perfection. The artists at Ahadiya are highly skilled and the talent has been passed on from generations. A detailed zari work is a honed piece of art.

At Ahadiya you will get zari with the goodness of pure organic cotton. Well that's a win-win situation! A full embroidered kurta would be a perfect fit for a festive dinner making you shine and elegant. Browse Ahadiya website and select your elegant zari kurta or top as a gift to yourself from you! Do flaunt your zari and let your friends know that it’s from Ahadiya.