Plus size? Nahh! Curvy and Confident 😉

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

The modern era of fashion has just begun. Today the definition of sassy and pretty have shifted from those lean barbie looks to confident curvy styles. Influencers all around the world are encouraging body positivity. Women of this refashioned world are not afraid of showing off their curves with clothing and elegant style statements.

To celebrate this new born woman hood Ahadiya is your best sister. Ahadiya clothing brings you a range of clothing tailored for those confident curves.

Life of a woman has a lot of complexities. She needs to multitask like being a daughter, wife, mother, sister, self dependent blah blah…and there are a lot of hurdles already present in their lives so body negativity is the last thing that she wants. A ‘plus size’ is what it is being referred to as. There are a lot of reasons a woman gains weight or maybe it’s her choice to be curvy but that doesn’t mean she cannot be stylish.

Ahadiya believes in body positivity. No matter your size or curves it has got you covered. Pure organic cotton clothing with traditional prints and eye-catching designs crafted for each and every woman out there. Be confident about your body and let Ahadiya add a bit to it.