The Indian Karigiri

‘Karigiri’ is a Hindi word used in India for art and creative skills and karigar means the artist or craftsman. The Indian karigiri shows the rich heritage culture of the golden bird we reside in. Ahadiya wants to promote and showcase this rich heritage by giving the Indian karigars a platform to showcase their talents and skills.

India has a diversified culture and each and every state here has its own exclusivity when it comes to talent and creativity. Our rich culture is an image that people see as India. We are lucky indeed to reside here and to be with such talented people.

The Karigars have been practicing their art for generations and therefore are honed in their arts.

Ahadiya recognises true art and its value. It offers organic cotton cloth twirled in arts of India like bagh print, bandhani, ajark, dabu, indigo and the list goes on. These mesmerising art when done with perfection, ohh! That’s a treasure to cherish.

Each state in India has a different style and technique with which they always impress us.

At Ahadiya every cloth is hand loomed and handcrafted by these honed artists. It’s an initiative by ahadiya to help them regain their true worth. Let’s walk together with ahadiya and give our artisans the recognition that they should have.