Why Cotton? A Guide to Fabric

Ever wondered why our mothers and grandmas keep convincing us to wear natural fibre clothing rather than synthetic! Well, they have seen a fair share of life so their words do hold a depth. Here are reasons why Ahadiya prefer natural fabric over the man made ones.

In this fast moving world where we tend to ignore some important things, Ahadiya clothing still emphasizes natural fibre clothing. Not everything that glitters in gold. Most of the time high quality goods are associated with expensive brands but that’s not true. Over the years these synthetic fibres have increasingly grown in popularity. The demand for polyester fibres has increased. They are acquired from petroleum products and require a complex procedure whereas natural fibre are plant based fibre like cotton.

The cotton fabric used by Ahadiya is prone to shrinking and has little resilience; it is very absorbent, soft, strong and breezy, while still easy to care for. This natural fibre is hypoallergenic making it a suitable choice for those with sensitive skin. Synthetic fabrics are less absorbent and may cause skin irritation.

Ahadiya believes in sustainable clothing. Manufacturing clothes while caring for our Mother Earth. Most synthetic fibers cause a lot of pollution in the procedure of making, while natural fibres are a gift from nature.

Ahadiya clothing offers high quality, durable, soft, comfy yet voguish cotton clothes ranging from Kurtis to palazzo sets, tops, bottom wear and many more. Stay tuned and let’s take a step ahead for sustainable clothing with Ahadiya!